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  Botox by Allergan   8.50 unit

How does Luminous M.E. bring

incredible value to clients? 

Kelly was very professional and assuring during our first session. I felt very relaxed and at ease. Her great knowledge and excellent techniques ensured the desired result. Kelly is a wonderful person and I'm very pleased with the treatment. Thank you Kelly!                                     Anne M. - Windsor, CO 


"I am in the industry and have had many estheticians and treatments. Kelly is the BEST! She is truly there for you . Very relaxing and detailed! One appt. and you will be hooked!" 

                                                                                                                                         Carol L. -  Loveland, CO 

  • By focusing on and specializing in the most popular treatments requested by clients.  

  • Building loyal partnerships with trusted product providers.

  • No "new client only coupons".  We prefer to offer great pricing and exceptional client care over and over to cultivate longterm relationships.

  • Streamlining office hours to be open during the most popular appointment times. 

  • Clearly outlined cancellation policies (less than 24 hours in advance). 

  • These values work together to create productive working hours, purchasing power,  & volume discounts that we pass on to you!

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